Blue Denim


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 439


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Carol Lynley as Janet Willard
Billie Bird as Woman
William Schallert as George - Bank Vice President
Marsha Hunt as Jessie Bartley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aceellaway2010 8 / 10

A welcome surprise

I watched this by chance yesterday. And was quit pleasantly surprised, it's a terrific little film. Far more sophisticated than I would have expected for a film made in 1959 dealing with teenage pregnancy. The two leads, were only about the same age as their characters at the time and looked it, it was quite surprising. Of course nowadays the early consummation of their relationship would have been shown in far more graphic detail, and this film made me realize that those kind of scenes aren't really needed to get the message across. I am not a prude, but I find sometimes the full revelation of a young performer's(normally female)unnecessary and exploitative. This mall film , makes it's point and is quite sensitive in doing so. Contrary to some of the other critics , I did not find myself tempted to laugh at all.

Reviewed by JOHN 10 / 10

Dated but in a time capsule sort of way.

Things are just about the way they were for young people at the time just before choice. It may not have had today's broad slice of life in your face stance, but it was not the order of the day.It reflects the last days of a total lack of knowledge and misunderstood truths among the teenagers of that most recent time. Attractive actors may have brought a few more young people to see and think about the films' moral.

Reviewed by lauren_solo 7 / 10

What a Trip back in Time!

I must admit I TiVOed this movie because of the description of it. I was intrigued on how a movie made back then could tackle the subject of abortion. If you couldn't even say a word about it, how could you base a whole movie on it? First and foremost, MacDonald Carey did a fantastic job as your typical dad from that era (imagine Fred MacMurray dealing with Robbie knocking a girl up on My Three Sons). Seeing as how he was just about the only one in the movie who could act, I realize how underrated he was at the time (and I guess altogether). The women in the movie (mother and sister of the boy in "trouble") are you typical dingbat "ask the husband what YOUR opinion is" people from that era, which makes it all the more entertaining. The highlights for me are the girl in trouble, the boy's best friend, and of course Mac C. The story is great for the time in which it was acted. Definitely entertaining and worth checking out. Not as dark as "Love with the Proper Stranger" if even that could be considered dark. But good luck finding it. I watched the premiere of it of the FMC. Who knows if it'll be on again.

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