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Robert Forster as Eddie Marino
Carol Lynley as Assistant D.A. Mary Fletcher
Joe Spinell as Eisenberg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aleksandar Sarkic 7 / 10

When injustice becomes reality, resistance is your duty

I always loved movies about revenge and taking justice into your hands. Vigilante is one of these movie, and it is a lovely one. In the beginning of 80s we have seen many movies with similliar themes, especially set in New York. I suppose that hard reality of living in New York city at end of the 70s and beginning of 80s had big influence, but the message from Vigilante is still active. Corrupted Police and Justice, bad health care, Criminals who say for themselves in the media that they are fair businessmans, it is like i am watching the daily life situation in my homecountry. The main charachter Eddie Marino (Played by Robert Forster) was ordinary citizen, who believed in justice and never had touch wih police and crime through his whole life till the moment when the local gang kill his son and injured his wife, and than he sees that for ordinary citizen the system is not functioning, and that he must take justice in his hands, with the help from his work mates who are doing that kind of things for long time. The main leader of Vigilantes is Nick (Fred Williamson). Fred Williamson is definetely the main star in this movie, this role for him is perfect, i really loved Fred in some Italian B-Movies and other exploitation stuff but in this one he takes the show, he is just fighting for the rights of ordinary people, i would really like to have one Fred in my neighboorhood to clean the streets of scum. Other cast is also solid, and yes how not to mention great synth driven music in the background, how i love that 80s synths. I really recommend this one to all lovers of revenge flicks and 80s cinema, you will enjoy for sure.

My grade: 7.5/10

Reviewed by calvinnme 7 / 10

View it in the context of the times

This is a gritty low budget crime drama from director William Lustig. Robert Forster stars as your average working joe with a wife and small son. After a gang of criminals brutally attack his wife and murder his child, and then the ringleader is let go with a suspended sentence, he vows to get revenge himself. He's in luck, because his three work buddies have been operating their own vigilante squad in secret, kidnapping and beating (and worse) criminals that the law can't or won't touch.

Very violent, and set in NYC before it was cleaned up, this film panders to an audience angry and hungry for law and order, as did many films of the 70s and 80s. It's cheaply manipulative in that way, which is why it's dismissed by most critics. But it has held a healthy cult following over the years. Fred Williamson is enthusiastic as the leader of the vigilante squad, which also includes Richard Bright. Rutanya Alda plays the wife, Joe Spinell shows up as a sleazy defense lawyer and with a young Steve James as a patrol cop. Carol Lynley plays the harried Assistant District Attorney, and Woody Strode shows up as a tough old convict.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Low budget revenge thriller with a gritty street vibe

A typically brutal and hard-edged thriller from William Lustig, the man mainly known for his video nasty epic MANIAC. This follows the same path as DEATH WISH and THE EXTERMINATOR in its depiction of a man pushed over the edge by street gangs, who goes out on to the street himself to enact a hideous revenge on those responsible for the death of his loved ones. Although this is a film very rough around the edges (sometimes dialogue is muffled when background noise comes through), the pacing and well-staged chase sequences are spot on and the film has a vibe of realism which makes it more than viewable. It also concentrates less on the violence towards the innocent than other films of the genre which makes it a little bit less tasteless than most, and indeed more enjoyable.

Although the plot will be largely familiar to anybody who has ever seen a 'vigilante' movie, the story keeps on moving and is careful to stick with characterisation at the expense of action, turning it into something more than another blood-and-bullets high-octane thriller. Saying that, the action keeps on coming and is well-portrayed, my favourite scene being the chase between Williamson and the drug dealer. Although the ending of the film can never be in doubt, Lustig makes some ponderous comments about justice and the handling of crime along the way.

Robert Forster takes the lead role of Eddie Marino, forced to become a killer to get revenge for his family. Although not a brilliant actor, Forster is nonetheless likable AND understandable (that's the key) in his portrayal of the man, and doesn't go over the top - instead his subdued performance adds to the realistic feel of the film as a whole. In comparison, Fred Williamson gets to bag another hard-as-nails tough guy role for his screen career, and plays one of the coolest, iciest and just plain strongest roles of his career. Familiar faces appear lower down in the cast list, such as the British Carol Lynley as a district attorney, old-timer Woody Strodes tough as ever as a prison friend, MANIAC himself, Joe Spinell, as a corrupt lawyer and Steve James as an investigating cop. Ultimately, however, it's the unknowns who do well, particularly the guys playing the street gang members who create some of the most hateful and believable thugs you'll ever see on screen.

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